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What to Consider When Shopping for a Tractor


A quality tractor is a very important tool to anyone who tills the land. However, the huge array of tractors on the market makes it hard for some people to choose one that would be suitable for them. This article discusses some key considerations that can help you to select the right tractor for your needs.

Tractor Power

Pay attention to two aspects of tractor power. First, consider the horsepower rating of the engine. The higher the horsepower, the more capable that tractor will be to take on different tasks. Many people neglect to consider the second aspect of tractor power, the PTO (power take off) horsepower rating. The PTO provides the power that is needed to run any instrument that you attach to the rear of the tractor. This PTO is availed through a shaft linked to the engine of the tractor. It is advisable that you find out how much horsepower each of the implements that you will be using requires. This information can be found in the manual of the specific implement that you wish to have. Once you know the power requirement of the implements, buy a tractor whose PTO is slightly higher than what is required by the implements. This step will ensure that your tractor will not be overworked at any time. This can result in a longer life for your machine.


You are likely to spend several hours each day in your tractor, so you should pay attention to the features that provide comfort in that tractor. Look for a tractor whose controls are not in the way, yet they are accessible. An enclosed cab would also be good if you need protection from the elements. Rubber-mounted operator stations reduce vibrations and enable you to work without feeling fatigued easily.

Climate Considerations

Pay attention to the features that would be helpful in your climate. For instance, a tractor with a removable radiator screen would be very good if you live in an area that can be very hot during some months of the year. The screen can be removed and rinsed so that airflow is efficient during hot weather. A glow heater or glow plugs in the engine are excellent features if you live in an area that can become very cold periodically. These features make it easier to start the tractor engine during cold weather.

There is a lot more that you can consider when buying a tractor. However, the discussion above covers the basics of what you should pay attention to in your search for the best tractor. Talk to tractor suppliers or service centers in your area, such as L.K. Diesel Service, and consider the other attributes that they recommend to those in need of tractors.


31 March 2016