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Trailer Spring Replacement: 3 Guiding Questions to Consider

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Selecting the best replacement springs for a trailer can be a daunting task if you are just learning to repair your trailer on your own. However, that task can be simplified if you have some guiding questions to help you navigate the wide variety of springs available on the market. This article discusses three of those guiding questions. Question 1: Which Type of Spring Do You Need? Many types of trailer springs, such as leaf springs and C-Hook springs are available on the market. It is normally advisable that you buy the same type of replacement springs as the ones that were on your trailer. This is because the manufacturer of your trailer may have designed the suspension system to work well with that specific type of spring. You should therefore take the damaged springs with you or take a photo so that you can choose the same type of springs when you go shopping. Question 2: What Size of Spring Is Needed? Trailer springs are manufactured in different lengths. Those lengths vary in small increments so you need to know the exact length of the springs that are appropriate for your trailer. Use a tape measure to measure the length of each of your old trailer springs. This step will enable you to factor in the stretching that could have occurred in one of the old springs. You can also do an online search about the length of the springs that your make of trailer usually has. Question 3: What Other Materials Do I Need? You may need to buy other components, such as spring equalisers and U-bolts, to help you to fit the replacement springs onto your trailer. Identify the extra materials that you will need by noting down any components that you remove as you detach the worn springs. You may also need to consider whether those extra materials should be painted or galvanised. Such a decision should be based on the type of environment where you normally use the trailer. For instance, galvanised components are better able to withstand the damaging effects of salty water that is found in coastal areas. Springs are just one component of the suspension system of your trailer. The suspension system can only function effectively if all the components are doing their job. It is therefore very important that you choose the right replacement springs when you go shopping. Ask a trailer parts supplier for help in case there are better options on the...

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What to Consider When Shopping for a Tractor

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A quality tractor is a very important tool to anyone who tills the land. However, the huge array of tractors on the market makes it hard for some people to choose one that would be suitable for them. This article discusses some key considerations that can help you to select the right tractor for your needs. Tractor Power Pay attention to two aspects of tractor power. First, consider the horsepower rating of the engine. The higher the horsepower, the more capable that tractor will be to take on different tasks. Many people neglect to consider the second aspect of tractor power, the PTO (power take off) horsepower rating. The PTO provides the power that is needed to run any instrument that you attach to the rear of the tractor. This PTO is availed through a shaft linked to the engine of the tractor. It is advisable that you find out how much horsepower each of the implements that you will be using requires. This information can be found in the manual of the specific implement that you wish to have. Once you know the power requirement of the implements, buy a tractor whose PTO is slightly higher than what is required by the implements. This step will ensure that your tractor will not be overworked at any time. This can result in a longer life for your machine. Comfort You are likely to spend several hours each day in your tractor, so you should pay attention to the features that provide comfort in that tractor. Look for a tractor whose controls are not in the way, yet they are accessible. An enclosed cab would also be good if you need protection from the elements. Rubber-mounted operator stations reduce vibrations and enable you to work without feeling fatigued easily. Climate Considerations Pay attention to the features that would be helpful in your climate. For instance, a tractor with a removable radiator screen would be very good if you live in an area that can be very hot during some months of the year. The screen can be removed and rinsed so that airflow is efficient during hot weather. A glow heater or glow plugs in the engine are excellent features if you live in an area that can become very cold periodically. These features make it easier to start the tractor engine during cold weather. There is a lot more that you can consider when buying a tractor. However, the discussion above covers the basics of what you should pay attention to in your search for the best tractor. Talk to tractor suppliers or service centers in your area, such as L.K. Diesel Service, and consider the other attributes that they recommend to those in need of...

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The Signs of Brake Problems

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The brakes on your vehicle are essential to its overall safety and performance since it is important that you have the ability to easily stop using your braking system. But braking systems on your car typically begin to wear over time. This means that signs of brake problems should slowly become more noticeable. Most braking issues are gradual and not immediate, which allows you to be proactive with brake repair. Analysing brake problems is easier if you know what warning signs to be on the lookout for. Noises One of the big signs that you have problems with your braking system is the presence of noise. These noises often occur any time that you tap or push down on your brake pedal. The types of sounds that you need to be listening for include any screeching, grinding, squealing and rubbing noises that are not normal. In most cases, these noises will be a signal that the brake pads or shoes on the brakes require repair or replacement. When these parts wear, this will result in sounds becoming more and more apparent with time. It is important to have brake pads and shoes replaced as soon as possible to lessen the total amount of damages that are incurred. Lowering repair costs for brake problems is tied to how fast you have the repairs completed. Vibrating It is also a good idea to pay attention to any vibrations that come from the steering wheel. If you notice that the steering wheel is vibrating or that the brake pedal is pulsating, this could also be an indicator of a brake problem. It is possible for the rotor on your brake system to become warped if you do not have this issue addressed right away. The metal will continue to rub as long as the vibrating is present. This is a problem that needs to be fixed in a timely manner to keep repair costs low. Pushing You also need to take note if pushing down your brake pedal all the way to the floor is becoming normal. You should not have to push down on your brake forcefully to the floor in order to halt your vehicle. If this is becoming the only way to stop, it is apparent that a brake problem exists. In most cases, you will gradually notice that you have to push down harder on the brake over time. This is a sign that your brake pad is wearing out or is completely worn. If you start to notice any of these signs, contact a local brake repair shop, such as Stopmaster Brake Service Pty...

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Understanding Lift Kits for Your 4WD Vehicle

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If you take your vehicle off-roading, or just want to add some style or your car or truck, you might want to invest in a lift kit. This is a kit of parts that gives your vehicle some clearance, either between it and the ground or between the body and frame. For off-roading, this can protect the underside of the vehicle from damage. For everyday driving, it can just give your car or truck some style. Before you buy a lift kit for any vehicle, you may want to note a few important factors first. This will ensure you buy the right type and know what’s involved with its installation. 1. Body versus suspension kits It’s vital that you understand the difference between body lift kits and suspension lift kits. A body lift kit puts distance between the body of the vehicle and the frame. A suspension lift kit lifts everything off the ground, including the engine, power train, body, and frame. If you’re looking to add a lift kit to your 4WD for off-roading, you want a suspension lift kit for maximum protection. If you just want to add some style to your vehicle for everyday riding, a body lift kit can be the better choice. These are more economical and simpler to install, but won’t offer the same protection for the underbody. Note that a leveling lift is a type of body lift that works to just level the front end of a truck; most trucks are lower in the front when they come off the factory line, so a leveling kit can correct this for better maneuvering up steep inclines. 2. Choosing size of lifts The use of your vehicle will determine the size of the lift you choose. Smaller lifts maintain the factory ride and are easier to install; they typically involve just a coil spacer that’s placed under the shock spring for added elevation. For everyday driving, these can be a good option. Medium lift kits will involve the coil spacers and elevated brake lines, so they’re more complicated to install but will offer more protection when you go off-roading. For some vehicles, a new driveshaft may be needed depending on the length of the lift, so installation can become even more complicated. The largest of lifts will typically mean reworking the entire front of your vehicle, including the installation of new shocks and driveshaft. This is the most expensive choice and typically means needing a professional to install them. It usually isn’t necessary for anyone but the most serious of off-roaders. Before determining the size of lift you want, note the parts that are included and what needs to be reworked for their installation. For more information, contact a local auto shop like Wilkinson Suspension...

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4 Tips for Finding Cheap, Quality Auto Parts Online

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When purchasing parts for your car or motorbike online, it can be difficult finding quality parts at the best price. Let’s look at some top tips to make your search for online auto parts and accessories a breeze. Shop with big companies With the buying power to offer all-time low prices to their customers, the larger auto parts suppliers are often the cheapest option for new auto parts and accessories. Not only do they have everyday low prices, major online retailers have regular sales, discounts and promotional deals that most smaller companies just can’t compete with. If you purchase a lot of auto parts online, look out for loyalty programmes that reward you with purchase points redeemable for real cash savings. Compare prices Don’t settle for the first price you find for the part you need. Widen your search, and compare prices across a few larger companies, as well as online wreckers, classifieds, and even social media for sale posts. If you do manage to find a cheaper part than a major online retailer’s listing price, don’t hesitate to contact them and ask for a price match—many larger companies have a lowest price guarantee that they will gladly adhere to in order to retain your business. Look for free shipping An extra cost you don’t usually factor into an online purchase until you’re at the checkout, shipping for heavy auto parts can sting your wallet. Check out the shipping policies of a few online auto parts retailers—many offer free shipping for purchases over $50 or $100. If you’re purchasing a few items at a time, you can easily meet the minimum purchasing requirements for free shipping and make a decent saving. If the part you’re purchasing is only small, consider ordering some items that you need regularly to make up the minimum purchase amount; you can never have too much motor oil, and small parts such as spark plugs and air filters don’t have an expiration date. Consider second-hand parts If you’re searching for a rare or particularly expensive part, purchasing a well-looked after or reconditioned second-hand part can be an excellent way to save some serious money. Make sure you get what you need when buying second-hand auto parts by doing your research first, and shop with a reputable second-hand parts dealer with a returns policy. Compare prices of used, reconditioned or aftermarket parts from dismantlers and wreckers across Australia by talking to suppliers like Q.A.H. Auto...

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