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2 Signs Your Car's Power Steering Pump Is Going Bad


While driving your car, one system that you may take for granted and not even think about is the power steering system. Without it, you would require a lot of force just to move the steering wheel and turn your car's wheels.

At the heart of this system is the power steering pump, and when it goes bad, so does your ability to steer your car. Below are a couple of signs that the pump is going bad and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

1.  You Hear a Loud Groaning Noise When You Accelerate and Turn the Steering Wheel

One sign that your car's power steering pump is going bad is the presence of a loud groaning noise. This sound is most prevalent when you turn the steering wheel while your car accelerates.

When the pump is going bad because its hydraulic lines are unable to hold the required pressure, the strain on the system will cause the sound. Because the pump is run by a belt connected to the engine, this sound will become worse when the belt rotates faster as the vehicle speeds up.

Before you conclude the issue is with the pump, check to make sure that the power steering fluid is at the recommended level. If it is and the groaning continues, the pump is most likely failing and needs to be replaced

2.  You Notice That the Steering Wheel Feels Stiff and Is Becoming Hard To Turn

As the issue with the steering pump gets worse, another sign that will present itself that indicates a problem is that the steering wheel will feel different. Even when you are driving along, the wheel will feel stiffer during slight turns.

When you go to make a turn, you will find a noticeable difference in the way it feels. You may have to apply more pressure and force the wheel to turn, which means that the pump is no longer working as it should.

If you find that you are having problems turning your car's steering wheel and/or hear a groan whenever you do so, more than likely the pump is going bad. Do not wait to take care of this problem, as doing so could leave you without the ability to effectively control your vehicle if the steering pump fails completely. Contact an auto parts store that offers power steering pumps to speak with a representative about your options for finding a replacement for your car's make and model.


5 October 2021