A Few Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle's Turbo Booster


A turbo booster or turbocharger is an engine accessory that compresses air before sending it to the engine; when air is compressed, more of it can reach the engine, and more air in the cylinders will cause the engine to also bring in more fuel. This creates added combustion, so an engine is then stronger and faster. Turbo boosters are often added to diesel engines, as these types of engines are not known for their speed, or they can give a car more pickup from a full stop.

27 April 2018

Glaze Runner: What Is Cylinder Glazing, And How Can I Prevent It Happening To My Diesel Engine?


The average diesel engine is an enormously reliable and robust piece of equipment, and is generally significantly less vulnerable to serious mechanical failures than an equivalent, petrol-driven engine. However, these redoubtable engines are vulnerable to some mechanical problems that are specific to diesel engines, and one of the most common and difficult to deal with is the phenomenon known as cylinder glazing. What is cylinder glazing, and how does it occur to diesel engines?

2 February 2018