Do You Need to Give Your Vehicle's Transmission a Helping Hand?


In the heat of an Australian day, you may be glad that your engine relies on a sophisticated cooling system to stop it from boiling over, but have you ever spared a thought for your transmission? If you drive a lot or may tow a trailer of some kind, you may require a separate cooling system for this crucial part. What could happen otherwise, and what should you do to rectify any potential problem?

21 July 2022

2 Signs Your Car's Power Steering Pump Is Going Bad


While driving your car, one system that you may take for granted and not even think about is the power steering system. Without it, you would require a lot of force just to move the steering wheel and turn your car's wheels. At the heart of this system is the power steering pump, and when it goes bad, so does your ability to steer your car. Below are a couple of signs that the pump is going bad and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

5 October 2021

Pros of Used Toyota Spare Parts That Go Beyond Cost Efficiency


Certainly, OEM components are the superior solution when engaging in auto part replacement but this does not make them your only option. If you are keen on saving some cash while engaging in already costly auto repairs, you may want to consider purchasing used parts instead. Contrary to popular belief, used parts do not offer the sole benefit of being cheaper than their OEM counterparts. Before you discount them as a viable solution, check out the following pros of used spare parts that go well beyond cost efficiency.

10 March 2021

Why You Should Consider Buying Used Truck Spare Parts


If you run a trucking business, you'll need to undertake parts-replacement on your trucks as a normal part of fleet maintenance. You will also need to replace the bad or failed truck parts of in the event of vehicle breakdowns, be it due to an accident or a mechanical problem. When it is time to purchase spares for your trucks, you have two main options – to buy brand-new parts or used ones.

26 February 2020

How to Deal with Glazed Brake Pads


Most modern cars or trucks have a disc braking system, as this is felt to be the most efficient way of bringing the vehicle to a halt safely. As you may know, this type of system relies on degradable replacement pads that wear down every time that the driver applies the pedal. However, in order to keep the vehicle running as long as possible without interruption and to make sure that everything is as safe as possible, the driver needs to keep an eye on those degradable parts and replace them as and when needed.

25 September 2019

A Few Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle's Turbo Booster


A turbo booster or turbocharger is an engine accessory that compresses air before sending it to the engine; when air is compressed, more of it can reach the engine, and more air in the cylinders will cause the engine to also bring in more fuel. This creates added combustion, so an engine is then stronger and faster. Turbo boosters are often added to diesel engines, as these types of engines are not known for their speed, or they can give a car more pickup from a full stop.

27 April 2018

Glaze Runner: What Is Cylinder Glazing, And How Can I Prevent It Happening To My Diesel Engine?


The average diesel engine is an enormously reliable and robust piece of equipment, and is generally significantly less vulnerable to serious mechanical failures than an equivalent, petrol-driven engine. However, these redoubtable engines are vulnerable to some mechanical problems that are specific to diesel engines, and one of the most common and difficult to deal with is the phenomenon known as cylinder glazing. What is cylinder glazing, and how does it occur to diesel engines?

2 February 2018

Trailer Spring Replacement: 3 Guiding Questions to Consider


Selecting the best replacement springs for a trailer can be a daunting task if you are just learning to repair your trailer on your own. However, that task can be simplified if you have some guiding questions to help you navigate the wide variety of springs available on the market. This article discusses three of those guiding questions. Question 1: Which Type of Spring Do You Need? Many types of trailer springs, such as leaf springs and C-Hook springs are available on the market.

6 July 2016

What to Consider When Shopping for a Tractor


A quality tractor is a very important tool to anyone who tills the land. However, the huge array of tractors on the market makes it hard for some people to choose one that would be suitable for them. This article discusses some key considerations that can help you to select the right tractor for your needs. Tractor Power Pay attention to two aspects of tractor power. First, consider the horsepower rating of the engine.

31 March 2016

The Signs of Brake Problems


The brakes on your vehicle are essential to its overall safety and performance since it is important that you have the ability to easily stop using your braking system. But braking systems on your car typically begin to wear over time. This means that signs of brake problems should slowly become more noticeable. Most braking issues are gradual and not immediate, which allows you to be proactive with brake repair. Analysing brake problems is easier if you know what warning signs to be on the lookout for.

22 September 2015